Jularat Damrongviteetham has more than ten years of conflict resolution and diplomacy work focused in the Deep South of Thailand. She is currently a consultant for Sasakawa Peace Foundation’s Southern Thailand program, focused on strengthening and deepening relationships with civil society organizations, supporting the peace process, and providing an ongoing analysis of the situation and stakeholders in the conflict. She also serves as a board member of the Peace Resource Collaborative Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand.

For nine years, Jularat was a consultant for the Berghof Foundation and was an executive assistant for the Peace Resource Collaborative Foundation in Bangkok, Thailand, providing peace process support, facilitating dialogue, negotiation, and mediation efforts with civil society groups in Deep South Thailand and in the region. She was responsible for partnering with key partners, government agencies, and academics for implementing project activities to promote multi-track engagement for sustaining peace processes. Jularat holds an MA in Sociology and Anthropology from Chiang Mai University and a Masters in Advanced Studies in Mediation in Peace Processes from ETH in Zurich.