Exploring Innovative Governance Structures for Post-Conflict Transition: Insights from Selected Asian Cases

Innovative Governance Structures for Post-Conflict Transition

The recent seminar-workshop on “Representation, Inclusion & Intergovernmental Relations in Post-Conflict Governance Institutions in Selected Asian Cases,” held from February 20-21, 2024, in Manila, Philippines, provided a crucial platform for exploring innovative governance structures in transitioning from conflict to peace.

Organized by the Institute for Autonomy & Governance and the Southeast Asian Women Peace Mediators, and with support from the Australian Government, the event brought together key stakeholders and experts from Nepal, the Bangsamoro region in the Philippines, Aceh province in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Southern Thailand.

Participants shared experiences and insights, shedding light on promoting representation, inclusion, and effective intergovernmental relations within post-conflict governance institutions.

Panel discussions delved into the processes of crafting and building consensus on new governance institutions, showcasing the experiences of Nepal, Aceh, and Bangsamoro.

 Additionally, panelists shared insights from places still in the process of designing alternative governance structures, such as Myanmar and Southern Thailand, where ongoing conflicts underscore the urgency of finding innovative solutions.

Innovative Governance Structures for Post-Conflict Transition
Innovative Governance Structures for Post-Conflict Transition

Throughout the seminar-workshop, participants explored what has worked and what has not in promoting inclusion and representation within governance systems and the role of intergovernmental relations in facilitating effective governance across all levels. 

Discussions focused on lessons learned from each case and how these insights can be applied to tailor solutions to the unique contexts of these nations.

On the second day, breakout group sessions among core participants deepened discussions, fostering collaboration and continuous knowledge exchange while opening up conversations on sustaining momentum for future initiatives.

We are grateful for the support of our partners and participants in making this event a success. As post-conflict societies navigate complex governance challenges, platforms like these play a crucial role in advancing understanding, fostering inclusivity, and promoting sustainable peace and development.

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